Welcome to QuadCopterTT

Our goal at QuadCopterTT is to be the premier provider of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Aerial Services within Trinidad & Tobago.  We offer from hobby to enterprise grade UAS solutions and stock or source common accessories for what we sell.

We do our best to sell our products at prices comparable to what you could import the items for yourself. When you purchase from QuadCopterTT you will not have to obtain non-objection letters and import licences yourself. In addition, we know that you will be satisfied with our products, prices and our customer service. Every model we carry has been thoroughly reviewed or tested for flight performance to ensure a great user experience.

Among the major brands that we carry are Parrot, Autel, Yuneec and DJI. We can source any current item from our brands so contact us for a quote on any item that you do not see in our store.

Our selections can be purchased in person at our Woodbrook location or through our online store with pick up at our storefront. 

You will not find no-name brands or knock off products at our store, so go ahead and SHOP with confidence.

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