QuadCopterTT offers a variety of Aerial/Drone Services including those shown below. Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your unique challenge.

Remotely Manage and Evaluate Site Progress

Repeat mapping flights weekly or monthly to monitor change over time. Project long packages available. Monitor assets on location: equipment and material estimates. Perform site inspections without having to physically go to site. Easily share your current project progress with 3rd parties. Overlay plans on actual site photos to improve workflow.

As Built vs Plan Comparison
Construction Site Monitoring

Orthomosaic and Contour Maps - GIS Ready

Create and analyze Orthomosaic and Contour maps with the interval, backdrop and layout of your choosing. Results available within 12 hrs of flight. Generate accurate contours at a fraction of the cost of conventional ground based Contour mapping. Create import ready GIS file formats.
Contour Line Generation
Orthomosiac Imaging

Corporate Drone Flight Training

One day classroom and practical course covering local drone laws, drone registration, restricted zone flight permission approval process, Software training, Indoor flight training session followed by outdoor flight training on clients drone. Each participant will receive a mini training drone and course binder with all relevant information to safely carry out drone flights.

Length, Area and Volume Measurements

Pull measurements off your map including distance, area and volume. Accurately measure fill and cut volumes in a fraction of the time as conventional survey methods and at a fraction of the cost.
Stockpile Measurement
Stockpile Measurement

BIM Integration

Create point clouds compatible with BIM software. Import directly into your project software.

Relative or Absolute Accuracy

Place you maps precisely by incorporating ground control points. As few as 5 ground control points are needed to accurately spot your maps, you save by not having to manually resurvey throughout the life of your project.
BIM Integration
Ground Control Points

Elevation Heat Maps & 3D Models

Drones can reach difficult-to-access locations like eroded coastline, Quarries or mountaintops and acquire very high-resolution data to create 3D maps and generate elevation heat maps for a unique perspective. Plan drainage and irrigation repair using accurate elevation heat maps.
Quarry 3D-gif

Aerial Structural Inspections

Drones can provide faster access to high-quality, real-time visual inspection for all types of utility company’s that need to inspect power lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission towers, buildings and bridges, enabling the inspector or team to access the information from a safe position. The inspection of complex infrastructure will benefit from regular aerial monitoring. The ability to sense in three dimensions, take thermal readings, and to detect metal strain will greatly improve infrastructure inspection.
Plant Inspection
Thermal Inspection

Disaster Management

After a natural or man made disaster, a drone provides a quick means to gather information, navigate debris with a portable and useful technology that doesn’t drown out cries for help, and that can be deployed by teams that are working a specific area. Equipped with high definition cameras, Drones can give rescuers access to a higher field of view without the need for wasting resources on manned helicopters. And, because of their small size, they can provide a close-up view of areas where larger aerial vehicles would prove perilous or inefficient.

Flood Disaster Monitoring
Disaster Monitoring

Police, Fire Services and Border Patrol

Helps with crowd surveillance and public safety, monitoring criminal activity, crime scene and fire hot spot detection and fire investigations. On the coast and borders, monitor smugglers of people and drugs with Drones. FLIR Thermal cameras and  optical zoom options for stealthy surveillance.

Forensic Documentation

Create orthomosaics and 3D models for accurate documentation of crime or accident scenes.
Thermal Surveillance
Thermal Fire Department

Search and Rescue

With thermal sensors, drones can quickly discover the location of lost persons, and are particularly useful at night or in challenging terrain. The search and rescue mission is a battle against time, particularly in harsh conditions, and drones become a powerful tool because of the ease of deployment. Besides locating victims, a Drone could potentially be used to “drop in supplies” to an otherwise unreachable location. For example a drone might be utilized to lower a walkie talkie, gps locater, med supplies or water to a stranded victim before rescue crews are able to extract them.
Thermal Sea Rescue 2
Thermal Sea Rescue

Wildlife/Poaching Monitoring

Poaching is a bigger problem than ever before, our wildlife is being hunted without regard. The presence of drones has proven to serve as a deterrent to poachers and illegal loggers. They can also monitor terrestrial and coastal animals providing new insight into animal behavior. The devices have many advantages in this type of monitoring and research, including the ability to approach wildlife closely without spooking them, the ability to operate at night, and with thermal camera sensors, drones enable unprecedented protection.
Nesting Bird

Coastal/Wetlands Monitoring

Monitor coastal and wetland areas for erosion over the span of years or after major geologic or weather events.

Swamp river
Beach Erosion

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